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i just wanted to drop by to quickly wish all my blog stalkers a happy valentines day! to everyone in love, cherish it, enjoy it and live it up! love is important. it’s what all my couples are into and i consider myself really privileged (and lucky) to have a job that involves capturing real life love stories along with documenting what is probably one of the most important milestones in a persons life.

i also wanted to update you on what’s been going on here at Aamer Kapadia Photography HQ. we’re constantly trying to find ways to engage with our fans in order to provide them with the best service and experience possible. as you probably know, i love taking photos (duh!).  i literally have my camera on me wherever i go and constantly take photos of nature, street scenes and whatever the heck manages to capture my fancy. i find that shooting personal work helps me cultivate my passion for photography and allows me to explore creative avenues and opportunities for experimentation that i would  not have otherwise. this practice helps tremendously with regards to my paid commissions since i am able to utilize what i learn through my experiments and actually use them in a real world situation to get my clients some awesome photos!

my obsession with photography has led to some serious disk-space issues (i’m a hoarder) with so many photos that i couldn’t decide what to do with them. i then realized that that’s where YOU come into the picture. starting from this month, i will be uploading a new custom wallpaper with a photo from my archives each month. i’ll try to get a good variety of photos in the mix so that you won’t get bored. sound like a deal?

going with the v-day theme for february (i know it’s the middle of the month already – i’m just slow :D) i’ve uploaded the first one right along with this post. i’m going to be including two sizes (1920×1280 and 1200×800) with two separate download links (let me know if you’d like any other sizes!). to help with organizing your lives a bit (i’m very considerate) i’m going to be including a minimalistic calendar overlaid over each image as well. dates within  [ ] are weekends while the rest are weekdays. keeping it simple allows for better productivity (in my experience) and it looks waaaay better! here’s a sample below:


* i’ve found that auto-hiding the taskbar (for windows users) allows this wallpaper (and the upcoming ones) to really shine. try it out and let me know!

and if anyone was even remotely interested in how it looks as my desktop setup, here ya go:


have fun! 😀

Download Links:

1920 x 1280 | 1200 x 800