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Farah and Mahmood rocked this session. We went for a more editorial style and brought out all our lights for this one. Check out the images below!

Decor by Subbohi Kazmi :


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Some shots from the archives. A recent fashion shoot.

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Day Two!

I guess the word got out! So many people! It was a LOT of fun as always – the models were amazing!

Big thanks to Iman, Navin, Sandra and Walid for all your help!

Thank you!

Please contact me if you’d like prints of any of the pictures.

The Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Association (PNDA) at UTSC held their auditions for their charity fashion show on the 25th of February recently. I gladly accepted the assignment since fashion photography is so much FUN! You get to control every little thing and post-processing is a breeze.

Big thanks to Iman, Walid and Sandra for helping out with lights, setup and organization!

I was honestly blown away by the models, most of whom had never posed in their life. They listened to whatever we said, offered suggestions and were generally AWESOME. No complaints!

For Photographers: I was originally planning on using a white seamless background for the shoot but due to time and budgetary constraints, I just improvised. We just found a plain white wall and used that as our background. Placed the models on a pedestal, one SB-25 @ 1/2 to blow out the background, and one 430 EX @ 1/4 on a reflective umbrella to light the models, all triggered with wireless trigs. Kapish!

Here are some photos from Day One of the auditions: