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Wazzup ma peeps!

I have no clue – just feeling really gangsta today! Maybe that’s because I just returned from another awesome engagement session at High Park, shot with photographer Jeremy Clay.

It was a beautiful day at High Park in Toronto and the cherry blossoms were really gorgeous. These images were all shot in available light.

In other news, I also (finally) got twitter! I’ve been staying clear of it since I thought it’d be a major distraction and waste of my time but it’s actually a really well rounded tool to share ideas and stuff, along with what I just had for lunch. Which was some really good chinese fried rice, btw 😛

Anyways, enough of the twitter talk. You can follow me at @aamerkapadia if you want. You better or else… 😛

Looking forward to many more sessions this summer!

Here are some photos from the shoot:

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