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This is from a wedding I shot last Saturday.

I have no words

So here’s a photo:

More coming soon! Keep checking the blog for more updates.

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It’s been a while. Had a really busy week! Feels good to be back here. Remember Ayesha? I’m sure you do. Here are some more pictures from last Sunday’s session.

For Photographers:

Photographing a baby is a breeze when you come well prepared. All light was ambient coming from the living room window – no flashes since harsh light on a baby just doesn’t look good. That’s pretty much all I used.

And oh yeah, make funny noises! It definitely helps! 🙂


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Hello world!

Been really busy this weekend with a huge backlog of photos to edit! I’ve also had waaay too much fun (than a normal human being should ever have with a camera) playing around with and testing the 5Dmk2 and it’s high ISO performance and the results are stunning.

More of that in a later post though – I will now leave you with a small teaser of one of the cutest babies on this planet, Ayesha, whom I had the privilege of shooting today afternoon.

Thanks as always to MY baby – Iman for all your help 😀 !

Ready for the bunny ears?

Contact me for your baby shoot today!

Princess Ayesha approves this message! 😀

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